Lesson Overview Summary Sheet


Name                                                      Semester                        Course                                                                 


q      Complete this summary sheet to focus your lesson plan development.

q      Submit with your lesson plan before implementation.


Grade Level






Content / Curriculum Standards

Which content specific standards will your lesson address?

What do you want your students to know and be able to do?






Learning Objectives

If learning objectives are not included in the standards, list the objectives.


Student Technology Standards

Which ISTE-NETS for Students technology standards will your lesson address?










Lesson length



Tentative date for presentation of lesson



Assessment: (Briefly describe)

Formative: (Should occur during the lesson to give the teacher feedback on student learning)




Summative: (May not occur during the lesson, but is a long range goal for student learning)











Which technology (ies) will be used during the lesson by the K-12 students?








What is your rationale to support K-12 student use of technology in the lesson? Cite at least one research-based source that supports your use of technology in the lesson.







How do you predict the use of technology will enrich the curriculum and impact K-12 student learning?












Reviewed by mentor teacher                                                                                   Date                           



Approved by instructor prior to lesson implementation                                                       Date